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Memories of Shantalla Place

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Shantalla Place was a little development of 23 houses which were built by a man named Birmingham, Nos 1 to 6 are on the Rahoon Road, and Nos 7 to 23 form a terrace just off that road. Originally, it was called Birmingham Terrace, later Sycamore Drive, before they finally settled on Shantalla Place. Mothers on this terrace used to warn their children not ‘to go down to the scheme’ when the rest of Shantalla was being built.

The Knights of Malta in Galway

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The first unit of the Order of Malta in Galway began in 1937 when Dr Conor O’Malley was asked by the Marquis McSweeney, the then chancellor of the Irish Association, to recruit members to form an ambulance corps aimed initially at Connacht only.

Mayoralty House and Lower Cross Street

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This photograph of Cross Street was taken in 1946. Early maps of the city show an open air altar at the end of the street. It was built by the Dominicans and used for various processions and Corpus Christi. The building facing us is Mayoralty House which was originally built in 1793 for a member of the Daly family. This family exclusively held the office of mayor from 1776 to 1816. It was probably built by James Daly, who was mayor in 1804, 1810, 1814, 1818, and 1819. The Dalys owned the house until the late 1840s. In Griffith’s Valuation in 1855, there is no mention of Mayoralty House, but a house fitting its description belongs to the Town Commissioners. These had replaced the mayor and corporation about 1935. It was later used as a police barracks.

Teen burglar’s escape attempt fails as he is returned to jail for further month

A teenage boy, regarded as one of Athlone’s most prolific burglars, made a failed attempt to abscond from custody on Wednesday (February 27) as he was being led from the courthouse to the prison van to return to detention.

Mt Temple celebrate 80 years of Corpus Christi Church

Mass goers in Mt Temple and Baylin will be celebrating 80 years of Corpus Christi Church over June.

Texas’ finest to sing at St Nicholas

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One of Texas’ finest church choirs will be performing in Galway at a free concert in St. Nicholas Church on Saturday June 25 at 8pm.


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