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Are ULA the real Left?

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“Get a mandate!” barked Labour party Rottweiler, Councillor Billy Cameron. This verbal was directed at Dette McLoughlin, the chair of Galway’s United Left Alliance. However as quick as you could say travel expenses, McLoughlin replied: “You have no mandate to implement a household tax, nor to rob the poor to help the rich. If you had any principles you would resign from the Labour Party!”

Kilkenomics returns with laughter and economics

Following the sell out success of last year’s inaugural economics and comedy festival, Kilkenomics is set to return to Kilkenny from November 2 – 6. Kilkenomics aims to dispel confusion surrounding the current national situation by taking economics out of its conventional spaces and presenting the issues of the day in an accessible and entertaining manner to live audiences.

Galway writer publishes book on Irish and Greek economic crisis

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A new book on the Irish and Greek economic crisis, co-edited by Galwegian Liam Leonard, and featuring leading economic commentators such as Constantin Gurdgiev and Kieran Allen, has just been published.

Kilkenomics — money is serious. Comedy is funny

Kilkenomics is KIlkenny’s newest and most contemporary festival and it’s all happening next month. Lauded as planning to be seriously useful And seriously funny too, Kilkenomics is set to combine insightful economic analysis and commentary with hilarious comic observations.

Cats laugh as economy goes under the microscope at Kilkenomics

Cat Laughs Comedy Festival founder Richard Cooke and popular TV economist David McWilliams are coming together for a novel business event this November in Kilkenny entitled Kilkenomics.


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