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Who Needs Enemies? II - Nightmare on Henry Street

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EOIN HANCOCK is lucky to have a girlfriend like Cindy. No matter how angry she gets with him, she sticks around, but he’s quite unlucky to have friends like Bottle, Raymo, and Gonz - the kind of ‘friends’ you would not wish on your worst enemy.

Who Needs Enemies II – Nightmare on Henry St

WHO NEEDS Enemies?, the black-comic farce by local playwright Conor Montague proved to be one of the Galway theatre hits of the year, and now comes the sequel.

Who Needs Enemies? returns next week

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FRESH FROM a Buddhist retreat in the Himalayas, Eoin Hancock returns to Galway to draw a line in the sand, and escape from his self-indulgent lifestyle and party animal friends.

Who Needs Enemies? returns to Town Hall

EOIN HANCOCK just wants break. He wants to clean up his act, detox himself, put his dissolute past behind him, and live a healthier, simpler, life. Some hope when your friends are pot heads, boozers, and hell raisers.

Who Needs Enemies? at Town Hall

AMONG THE attractions at next week’s Bulmers Galway Comedy Festival is the comic play Who Needs Enemies? by Galway author Conor Montague.

Galway Comedy Festival returns

Rich Hall, Jim Jeffries, Aprés Match, and David O’Doherty are just some of the comedians who will be performing at next month’s Galway Comedy Festival.

Atlantis Collective surface for Cúirt

MURDER, DRINK, pornography, and dodgy footwear - just some of the elements which make up Town Of Fiction, the debut collection of short stories by the Galway-based Atlantis Collective.

Tall tales

AS A genre, the short story is the Cinderella of literature. The reason for this remains elusive but there is no doubt the hapless tale or story is more often than not left aside and its more aristocratic cousins, the novel, the poem, or the play preferred instead. In fact, at one stage, it was the deliberate policy of French publishers not to accept manuscripts of short stories as “personne ne les lit plus”.


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