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Simply savour some warm and oozing wheel of barbecued brie

Enjoy a savoury dessert option this weekend with this warm and oozing wheel of barbecued brie. We don’t mean to be cheesy, but this is one that must be shared with your loved ones!

Whitney Sheppard relishes life in the ring as she fights for world title

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Kickboxing is a real family affair for aspiring world champion Whitney Sheppard who is preparing for the fight of her life this weekend in Galway.

Hot sauce and heat at The Dirty Circus

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THE WEATHER these days? To quote the title of an old British sit-com, It Ain’t Half Hot Mum! However if you thought it was hot outside, it’s nothing to the heat that will be generated inside The Dirty Circus.

Going French in the west

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Is it just me, or is classical French cooking coming back into fashion? Three new French restaurants that I know of have opened in the county in the last while, so there must be something in it. When I think of France, I think of their favourite ingredient, onions.

Cuinneog wins for its dairy products at Irish Breakfast Awards

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Mayo food producer Cuinneog was announced the winner of the Dairy award for its Irish Farmhouse Country Butter and Natural Buttermilk in the Irish Breakfast Foods category at the prestigious Georgina Campbell Irish Breakfast Awards 2018 in association with Fáilte Ireland.

A simple but delicious beef casserole dish from Bord Bia

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The best cuts of beef for casseroling are rib and shoulder. You can make the casserole and par boil the potatoes in advance, then assemble and reheat when you are ready to eat it.

Whip up your own Halloween treats this year

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Get creative and whip up a batch of our homemade Halloween treats this year!

Croque monsieur with crunchy carrot and beetroot salad

Bacon is a delicious sandwich option and, importantly, it is quick to prepare.

Lovely Easter roast lamb

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Easter is only a few days away, and traditionally roast lamb is served on Easter Sunday. This tradition goes back to a time before Easter, where a sacrificial lamb was roasted and eaten to celebrate the first Passover by the Jewish people. As Hebrews converted to Christianity, they brought their traditions with them. The Christians often reference Jesus as the Lamb of God, thus the traditions merged.

Penne with scallops in a velvety saffron sauce

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A delicious, intriguing dish for a special dinner. A few very special ingredients come together in a delicate yet flavourful and surprising pasta dish!


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