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Galway Theatre Festival 2021

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HOW THEATRE and performance is made, presented, and experienced has changed dramatically over the past 12 months, and the 2021 Galway Theatre Festival will explore this new relationship with creativity and space.

Classical music concert from Galway Cathedral

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ARCADIA is a region of Greece, which in ancient times was sparsely populated by farming communities. In the Renaissance imagination, it became the epitome of the bucolic, pastoral, idyll.

‘The sound of the cello, it seems as if it’s coming up from the earth’

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“THE CELLO can be bass, soprano or alto. Its endpin strikes the ground and it seems as if its power and deep sound are coming up from the earth. When played it lies between the musicians legs and they have to embrace it. It’s a very physical thing, it almost becomes part of their body.”

A virtual musical trip to Estonia

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ESTONIA WILL be the next stop on the ConTempo Quartet’s journey through the classical music of the 27 EU member states, as part of its From Europe with Love concert series.

Cellissimo - a music festival for the senses

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THE SOUND of the cello, a pleasure for the ear and appealing to the heart as the instrument many believe is closest in sound to the human voice, will be at the centre of a new festival for Galway.

Galway 2020 - back and in business for 2021 with new events

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We may have entered the second month of 2021, but the continuing Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown makes it seem like an extension of last year. Yet, in the words of Galway city arts officer, James Harrold, "we will be in ‘play’ mode again and the deferred pleasures of 2020 will be back in our calendars".

3 Kinds of Music - a one-day digital music festival

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3 KINDS Of Music, Galway city's multi-genre concert series which treated audiences to classical, jazz, and folk/trad on Saturdays is back with a special online edition this weekend.

'Freeze Frame' - new single from Galway artist Niamh Regan

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Since the release of Niamh Regan’s debut album Hemet on September 4 this year, she has quietly and assuredly taken her position at the top table of the Irish music scene.

ConTempo Quartet to celebrate female composer Dora Pejacevic in Croatia Concert

Galway Music Residency’s From Europe with Love is back with another instalment this Friday at 1pm.

Arts Fest centrepiece has Connemara unveiling put back to March

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John Gerrard’s stunning outdoor art installation, Mirror Pavilion, Corn Work, a centrepiece of Galway International Arts Festival’s Autumn Edition and a significant event in the Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture programme, which was due to be unveiled in Connemara this month will not make its appearance until next March.


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