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Uncovering the family’s secret history

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AN ORPHAN raised in a convent is preparing to take her vows when she is sent to visit a hard-drinking Communist party judge, her only living relative.

Life and how it is lived - on screen

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DANGEROUS JOURNEYS, complicated love lives, actors dragged out of retirement, and finding a supernanny for a naughty little boy - it is all happening on screen for the Galway Film Society’s autumn/winter season.

Summer school helps filmmakers engage with human rights issues

An intense ten-day summer school at NUI Galway to filmmakers engage with pressing human rights issues has been running in the city all week. The Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy (CHRA) Summer School which concludes on Saturday is funded by Open Society Foundations.

Billy Cameron - our man in Havana

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When Billy Cameron first went to Cuba in the mid 1990s it was just for a sun’n’fun holiday on the beach. He had no idea the Caribbean island nation, its people, culture, and society would become one of his great personal and political passions.

To Hell or Commies — Hail the People’s Republic Of Connacht?

Communism as a major political force in Europe may have disappeared with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, but, as someone once said about another organisation, ‘They haven’t gone away you know’!

When the Soviets unleashed the Great Purge

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IN DECEMBER 1934, Sergey Kirov, a prominent early Bolshevik leader and loyal supporter of Joseph Stalin, was assassinated in The Smolny Institute in St Petersburg, where he worked.


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