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What Lenin has to teach us

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LENIN FOR Today is neither a historical study nor a biography but an attempt by long time Socialist Workers Party member – and leading light in People Before Profit – John Molyneaux to make a case for Lenin’s ideas and organisational methods in the here and now.

A glimpse into the heart of terrorism

THE 1970S was a decade defined, in some respects, by terrorism with the emergence of the Baader Meinhof and Brigate Rosse on the continent and the IRA and UVF in Ireland.

Cuban speakers to raise issue of ‘Miami Five’ in Galway

Señora Magali Llort, mother of Fernando Gonzalez – one of the “Miami Five” – will address a public meeting in Galway tomorrow at 7.30pm in the SIPTU Hall, Brendan O’Hehir Road.

Trek Cuba to fight blindness

Irish charity Fighting Blindness seeks trekkers looking for a Latin adventure on a 10-day trek through the Sierra del Escambray in central Cuba. The charity trek from November 18 to 27, begins with a night in Havana and continues at a moderate pace through the mountains to the charming city of Trinidad.

Public meeting on anarchism and Marxism

Anarchism and Marxism are both strong Left wing approaches to society and politics but the ideologies have never been happy bedfellows.

One Croatian woman’s humorous perspective on life under Communism

“COMMUNISM IS the death of the soul. It is the organisation of total conformity - in short, of tyranny - and it is committed to making tyranny universal.” So said American politician Adlai E Stevenson. It is the Western view of Communism, but not necessarily the view of everyone who experienced life in a Communist country.

Dean Crowe presents I Miss Communism

The “one performer show with the stamina of a full cast" comes to Dean Crowe Theatre on Wednesday May 20.

The fall of the Berlin Wall

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On August 13 1961, people in the Allied sector of Berlin awoke to find their part of the city completely surrounded by barbed wire. Within days construction began on a large edifice the world would soon know as The Berlin Wall.

The wall is gone but the DDR shirt remains

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THIS WEEK marks the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, but while the wall and the Deutsche Demokratische Republik are gone, memories and memorabilia of the DDR are still going strong.


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