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St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church and the city

Next year the magnificent building of St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church, this venerable edifice in the centre of our city will celebrate

Christmas services at St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church

Is there anywhere as festively atmospheric than St Nicholas’ at Christmastime?

The Collegiate Church

The Collegiate Church of St Nicholas of Myra is the largest medieval parish church in Ireland and its history is a kind of microcosm of the history of Galway. The earliest part of the present church dates from the beginning of the 14th century and includes the chancel with its three windows in the south wall. However it is possible that there was an earlier structure on the site. There is a legend that a man from the Aran Islands who died in 1580 aged 220 years could remember a time when the church did not exist but that just sounds a likely story. The records that exist suggest that the church was founded in or about the year 1320.

St Nicholas’ Choral concert

THE DAVIDSON College Chorale from North Carolina will be in concert in St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church this evening.

Galway’s rich heritage

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This photograph of the interior of St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church was originally taken c1890 and was given us by the National Library. The Leper’s Gallery can be seen over the arches to the left.

St Nicholas’ Annual Ecumenical Service

St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church will hold this year’s Annual Ecumenical Service for Galway this Sunday at 7.30pm.

The strange case of Warden Bodkin’s hand...

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In March 1838, workmen, under the supervision of a Mr Clare, were carrying out repairs on the vaults and tombs near the main altar of St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church. They made a remarkable discovery. A body, which had rested in a tomb for 129 years, had been discovered incorrupt. Incredibly it was the remains of the last Roman Catholic warden John Bodkin, who when handing over the keys of the church to Williamite soldiers, after the town’s surrender on July 26 1691, cried out in despair: “ My God, that my right hand may not decay until the key of this church be restored to its proper owners”.

Institution of new rector of St Nicholas’ to take place next month

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The institution of the venerable Gary Hastings, Archdeacon of Tuam, as the new rector of Galway will take place at the Collegiate Church of St Nicholas, Lombard Street on Saturday July 25 at 7pm.


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