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Teaching English in Galway, Ireland, Europe, and the world

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Teaching English as a foreign language, or TEFL, is an attractive option for recent graduates, for people who want to change career, for those who are approaching retirement, or for anyone thinking of teaching English here in Ireland or anywhere in the world. But there is a bewildering number of course options out there. 

Women who receive midwife care throughout their pregnancy and birth have better outcomes

Maternity care that involves a midwife as the main care provider leads to better outcomes for most women, according to a systematic review published in The Cochrane Library.

Public meeting to discuss cancelling EU/IMF bailout

Is cancelling the IMF/EU bailout and defaulting on the State’s debt a populist slogan, dangerous economics, or the only viable political and economic first step out of the mess we are in?

From Reverend Towers to Councillor Towers?

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On Saturday January 31, on his 66th birthday, Rev Patrick Towers, will retire as Rector of St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church. In the nine years he has been Rector he has played an important role in Galway’s civic life and been one of its most active clergymen.


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