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Budget 2022 must provide additional funding for libraries, says Crowe

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In Ballybane and Westside, and other communities across Galway, it is “clear how important a resource our local libraries are”, and they deserve greater levels of funding in the upcoming Budget.

Gardenwise | And the Award goes to……….

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When browsing in a garden centre or on a nursery website, have you ever seen a little cup or trophy symbol attached to a plant and wondered what it meant? It’s the AGM or Award of Garden Merit, given by the Royal Horticultural Society, the world’s leading authority on all things horticultural, to plants that provide outstanding performance.

A quiet space to mind ourselves, and others

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In the year that is in it, when we have all been twisted and turned this way and that by the vagaries of this awful disease, there are moments which sum us up as a nation which make us smile and realise what a great little place we can be when we stick together.

Time for us to back the local businesses that back us

When we think back to when things were simpler. No, I don’t mean February. I mean back in the mists of time when all we knew were the horizons on the edge of our towns and villages. Back then, we did not have a greater knowledge of the world outside. For us, our existence and almost everything we required was lived and available within that small geographic location. Back thing everyone was local, apart from blow-ins to the bank or school who, to be fair, had to be local from somewhere else, and would probably end up our locals (unless forty years later they did something bad and we’d start calling them blow-ins again.)

Talking to people and learning is key to Mulherin's press for election

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Once the votes were counted up last time around and all was said and done, Fine Gael's Michelle Mulherin was the last one out and ended up losing the seat she had won as part of a Fine Gael wave that swept the country in 2011.

'I don't think you can approach anything without having as a consideration the representation of women'

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The Mai is a richly-woven story of four generations of women in one midlands family. At the centre of the household is The Mai, a 40-year-old woman torn between her wayward husband and her family’s happiness in a play that brims with passion and poetry, love and lyricism, heartache and hope.

Little Theatre presents ‘The Memory of Water’

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Memories are notoriously personal and fluid - and when three sisters are re-united, their different recollections of childhood stir up secrets from both their past and present lives.

Discover systematic kinesiology

As a natural health practitioner of systematic kinesiology my goal is to educate and empower clients.

Enhanced learning for all

No two children with learning difficulties are the same, so each child needs a programme tailored specifically to his/her needs.

Reprogramme your mind and expand Your Life

The mental health culture in Irish history has been a dark one, but this is rapidly changing. No longer are “get on with it” or “get locked up” the only options. Psychotropic drugs can help, but psychotherapy is still a mystery to most people.


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