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City Hall defends its stance over Barista Bus controversy

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Pressure is mounting on City Hall to allow the popular Barista Bus to resume trading near Blackrock, but the local authority has said it was an unauthorised development and that Barista Bus needs to apply for planning permission before it might again operate in Salthill.

Review: That Same Old Story (Espresso Theatre Company, Town Hall studio)

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GERRY CONNEELY'S Espresso Theatre Company graced the Town Hall studio last week with his warmly funny, Valentine's-appropriate, love-themed musical play That Same Old Story.

Train to be a barista and have a skill for life

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Barista training is now available in Galway, So what is a Barista? the dictionary says it is a person who makes and serves coffee ( as espresso) to the public. That is it in a nutshell, however it is easier said than done.

Step away from that coffee

Are you sick of relying on coffee to keep you energised throughout these busy summer days? Are you looking for a more natural and healthy way to boost your energy levels? With the long days and even longer nights that summer brings, it can be hard to keep up with it all. But fear not, Evergreen Healthfoods is here to help.

Champion Castlebar barista is off to world contest in Seattle

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Lots of people cannot imagine getting out of the door in the morning without their trusty cup of joe.

Coffee — the uber-cool beverage

When I was a lad the really cool thing to drink was Irel coffee. This came in a bottle and was a sticky black treacle like substance which you mixed with sugar, hot water, and a lot of milk. Later came Nescafé powdered coffee in a tiny tin, not much bigger than a tin of shoe polish, and if you used more than a half teaspoon you were in mega trouble. As time marched on pubs started to serve food and we had Cona coffee machines, which were good if your cup was served directly after it was made, however it could be (and often was) two, three, or four hours old. I have several memories (some quite recent) of sending coffee back while complaining that it was burnt/old only to be served a new ‘fresh’ cup from the same disgusting brew. The ‘fresh cup’ was inevitably accompanied by a comment like, nobody else complained!

Best coffee award for Carlow’s Esquires

Adrian Vlasceanu of Esquires Coffee House, Fairgreen Shopping Centre, Carlow has won the Best Individual Barista Award at the 2008 Annual Esquires Coffee Houses Competition.

Expert tips for delicious coffee from Bewley’s

With close to 30 years of experience in the coffee and tea business, Bewley’s master coffee roaster Paul O’Toole has created some preparation tips and techniques to help you enjoy real fresh coffee. You can find roast and ground coffee in packs in nearly every supermarket across the country, so why not give it a try and enjoy a real coffee experience. Choose coffee that is 100 per cent Arabica, which is the highest grade of coffee available.


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