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Murphy suggests ‘cloak and dagger’ tactics around Boundary Report publication

Fianna Fáil Deputy for Roscommon-Galway, Eugene Murphy, has expressed his frustration regarding what he sees as “blatant cloak and dagger tactics” surrounding the report from the Athlone Boundary Committee.

The Fishmarket, 1908

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“The Younger Women with their cloaks draped around their heads looked piquant enough, their faces had not unfrequently the sweetest expression of passion, and their lips pouted charmingly. The old fisher-wives, on the other hand, who sat near the casks and smoked damp tobacco in short clay pipes, had something witchlike and menacing about them.” So wrote Julius Rodenberg in 1860. He obviously had a thing for beautiful young Galway women as he also wrote about them elsewhere. As for the older women, I would say they just glared at him because he did not buy any fish. Otherwise, what he wrote could be true of our 1908 photograph.

Take off your invisibility cloak — skills you need to be seen and selected

One of the difficulties people are currently facing is that their skills and experience are not attractive enough to get them noticed. They appear to be invisible to recruiters, hirers, and even prospective clients.


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