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Galway cyclists call for lower speed limits

Galway needs to follow the example of Wales and decrease its speed limits for urban areas from 50km/h to 30km/h, that is the opinion of the chairperson of Galway Cycling Campaign, Kevin Jennings.

July Stimulus 'fails to address the needs of those working in the Arts' says McNelis

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"A failure to fully understand and address the needs of those working in the Arts" is how a former Mayor of Galway has described the measures relating to artists and arts workers in the Government's July stimulus package.

Funding needed to prevent Galway sports clubs closing down, warns former Mayor

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A new round of Sports Capital funding is needed to help sports clubs in Galway city and county, and across the State, deal with the fall-out and aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis.

Government's renter Bill will 'lead to more homelessness' says former Mayor

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"Flawed", "full of holes", and "fails to address the main excuses used for evicting tenants", is how one city councillor has described the Government's new Residential Tenancies Bill.

Government staycation subsidy 'too little, too late' for tourism sector, says McNelis

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Waiting until September to introduce a staycation subsidy will be "too little too late" for the Irish tourism sector, and will mean "little or nothing" to those with children who will not be able to holiday once schools return.

McNelis demands Government address rent debt and mortgage arrears caused by Covid-19

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"Too many people" have been unable to keep up with their rent or mortgage payments due to the societal effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Government must take action on this issue.

Parents must not be made choose between childcare and work, says McNelis

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The Government must “step up and support” new parents who are being faced with an “unacceptable choice” between securing childcare and fully returning to work.

McNelis says new Government programme is just old ideas ‘rebranded and repackaged’

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A list of “rebranded and repackaged commitments”, full of “deliberately vague” language, and a worrying lack of costings, is how one local politician has described the new programme for government.

McNelis urges ‘mandatory mask wearing’ around the elderly

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Instead of just encouraging mask wearing, it is time a “comprehensive decision” was made by the Government on this issue and declared it a mandatory practice.

Lack of childcare facilities should not cost workers their jobs, says McNelis

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Comments by the Health Minister that families will have to secure a “dig out” for getting childcare, shows the Government has a "derisory understanding" of the importance of childcare for working parents.


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