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Labour fears losses while FF and Independents set to make gains

With 24 hours to polling day Labour teeters on the brink of collapse, Fianna Fáil on the edge of recovery, and Sinn Féin and Independents ready to make significant electoral breakthroughs.

Bill for storm damage and repairs to rise by €135,000

As storms continue to bombard Galway city and coastline the bill for the cost of repairs, continues to rise with an extra €135,000, on top of the original estimation of €1.3 million, needed to reinstate and improve rock armour.

Bill to repair city storm damage could top €1.3 million

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The bill for reinstating the city’s coastline and Leisureland in Salthill to its pre-storm condition will come to more than €1.3 million, according to a preliminary estimate of costs which was presented at the Galway City Council meeting on Monday.

Temporary helipad at Shantalla park is not an ‘HSE land grab’

Accusations that the HSE is attempting yet another “land grab” at the site of the Shantalla Neighbourhood Park were vehemently denied at Monday’s meeting of the Galway City Council where a motion calling for approval of Part 8 proposal for the provision of a €250,000 temporary helipad on the council owned land was eventually passed.

City manager stands firm on decision to privatise refuse service

Embattled city manager Brendan McGrath is standing firm in his decision to privatise the council refuse service stressing that he “cannot and will not stop the bidding process” because of his responsibility to protect the local authority’s finances and gives the best option for protecting the remaining customers.

Council scraps Shantalla park plans in face of strong local opposition

The Galway City Council has backed down and scrapped plans to sell Shantalla Community Park and develop it into a primary care centre and car park after councillors and local residents continued to strongly oppose any change in the city development plan that would facilitate such a move.

Councillors unite to protect Merlin Woods against plans for bus corridor

No quality bus corridor should ever be allowed to go through Merlin Woods which is a jewel that needs to be protected, so say councillors who following a lengthy debate at Monday’s Galway City Council meeting finally agreed to allow the plans to temporarily suspended while the relevant SPCs and consultants can explore previous policies, analyses, and perhaps an alternative route.

Councillors agree to WDC request for Solas funding

It had seemed that the Solas Art House Cinema was in trouble yet again this week after councillors expressed serious concern over a request by the Western Development Commission (WDC) that Galway City Council funding of €200,000 be directed to it rather than the projects committee.

Council urged to deal with rat infested, dangerous, derelict buildings

Galway City Council is being urged to tackle the problem of derelict houses throughout the city, an on-going problem not just for the local authority but also for surrounding residents who are forced to live with these eyesores, some of which are rat infested, have trees growing through the roof, and pose a number of other health and safety risks.

Threadneedle Road right hand turn to be eliminated to free up junction

Some right hand turns at Threadneedle Road junction, described as dangerous and causing major traffic congestion, could be eliminated altogether as part of on-going upgrade works, councillors were told at a recent meeting.


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