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Be injury free with hyperbaric oxygenation at OxyGeneration

Do not let an injury hold you back. Hyperbaric oxygenation at OxyGeneration is beneficial for a range of sports injuries including muscle and tendon damage, muscle fatigue, bone breakages, joint inflammation, ACL, and recovery post-surgery.

Awareness campaign about psoriatic arthritis launched

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Seek medical advice if you display any of the symptoms advises health charity

‘I ended up that afternoon in the resuscitation area of my own department’

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Three years ago I was working as an obese, fatigued, and run-down A&E nurse who had just become an emergency patient in her own department while at work. With a resting heart rate of nearly 200 beats per minute, high blood pressure, and atrial fibrillation diagnosis, things were not looking good at all. Holding down a very stressful and challenging career as well as studying herbal medicine, all while supporting a household of several young adults, had taken its toll.

Irish Society for Colitis and Crohn’s Disease urge ongoing public support

The Irish Society for Colitis and Crohn’s Disease (ISCC) are highlighting the urgent need for all businesses and public amenities to support people living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease by allowing those presenting the ISCC “No Waiting” card access to public toilets while still abiding by public health guidance.

Haemochromatosis screening and treatment from Galway Primary Care

Haemochromatosis is a common genetic disorder leading to the accumulation of excess iron in the body. Symptoms vary and include fatigue, joint pain, erectile dysfunction, and a darkening or bronzing of the skin. A doctor’s consultation to discuss symptoms and family history, and blood tests are the first steps in screening for haemochromatosis.

Deciphering the symptoms of both hay fever and COVID-19

As hay fever seasons begins in earnest, the Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) has issued advice on recognising the difference in symptoms between hay fever and COVID-19.

Personalise your health and fitness with genetic testing

In recent years it has become clear that our genetic make-up has a strong influence on body weight and how we respond to different foods and exercises. With scientific advances, we are now able to use the information in our DNA to predict which diets, lifestyle choices, and exercises work best for each individual person.

Galway’s Aerogen ready to answer call for global recovery from COVID-19

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Given the numbers of people globally who need and will need care to recover from Covid-19 infection, one Irish medical device firm says it may double the number of units it ships this year.

Notable symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways, caused by a virus called Coronavirus.

Pelvic physiotherapy can help relieve bowel problems

Everyone knows the dreadful feeling of needing the bathroom suddenly to empty the bowels and how humiliating and embarrassing it is to be caught short and pass stool.


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