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Ten essential tips to maintaining office cleanliness

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While many have the opportunity to work from home base during the coronavirus crisis, numerous employees will still have to journey to the office for essential work purposes.

Athlone nationally recognised for its cleanliness standards as sad news of former colleagues emanates

We are truly fully back when the old problems continue to assert themselves. Brexit has assumed a central role again on the political stage, with the usual chaos and parliamentary pantomime evident at Westminster. And yet no one has come up with an alternative to Theresa May’s Brexit plan. There will be a vote next week in the UK parliament, and as the Prime Minister herself has said, who knows what will happen next? It’s really unsettling all round and very difficult for government departments, agencies and so on to make any plans as they are facing into the unknown.

Mayo General Hospital found to be ‘generally clean’ in HIQA inspection

An unannounced assessment of Mayo General Hospital by the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) found that the hospital is generally clean but there are some improvements to be made in t he area of hand hygiene.


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