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Athlone Deputy Mayor calls for total eradication of Halloween bonfires

As Halloween fast approaches, Athlone Deputy Mayor, Cllr Aengus O’Rourke, has called for the eradication of bonfires within the local community.

Film review: Stillwater

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ON THE surface, Stillwater is one of those ‘ripped from the headlines’ films. Extremely loosely (and controversially) based on the Amanda Knox saga it has already met with a lot of criticism - including from Knox herself.

‘Might you be Jackie Coogan’s brother?’

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 It was not only Winston Churchill who was cross and embarrassed at Clare Sheridan’s adventures in Moscow, London society was both alarmed and intrigued. It was surprised that a member of its upper class should have ventured alone into the viper’s nest. She was invited to balls and receptions mainly as a curiosity. One hostess told her outright that she was nothing but ‘a Bolshevik’, and a suspicion persisted that she was a spy, a fact that Clare did little to contradict. But despite a critical reception on the surface, her book From Mayfair to Moscow* was eagerly snapped up.

Freaky - ‘clever in a brainless way’

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I HAD planned on reviewing the latest Fast and Furious movie this week. While quite enjoyable, they are the same thing over and over again, so Instead I am going to talk about Freaky.

‘It was great to be part of this, because it involved the postman, my teachers, Baboró, and my family’

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THROUGH THE tumultuous times of the Covid-19 global pandemic, children in Galway took on starring roles in two creative projects - St Pat’s Lockdown Olympics and The Street Are Ours - thanks to the RISE programme from the Baboró International Arts Festival for Children, in partnership with Galway 2020.

Nomadland - a beautiful, moving, untraditional film


Make the best out of 'Lockdown' Valentine's Day!

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It's that time of the year again when couples get all loved up and splash out on romantic gifts and treats to express their passion for one another. That's right Valentine's Day is on Sunday but with the country in lockdown, coming up with ideas to celebrate the day may prove difficult. This year and last have been tough for everyone and we thought we ALL deserve a bit of love.

Coen looking to continue winning ways

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There's not much left to win in the inter-county game for Stephen Coen - well, just one thing really.

Dog charity warning that Halloween treats terrify our furry friends

Dogs Trust, Ireland's largest dog welfare charity, has highlighted the potential dangers that Halloween poses for our canine companions. The charity has seen an alarming spike in the number of dog owners seeking advice on how to help their dogs cope with fireworks.

Too much misery and too much dirt for 2020

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THE DEVIL All The Time is adapted from a 2011 best seller which Netflix bought last year for distribution. It has released it for streaming but apparently has a big campaign ready to go when awards season kicks off.


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