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Cinema Review - Angels & Demons

As a bit of a Dan Brown fan I cringed at the first movie attempt, and expected very little from the second but Angels & Demons was a blessed surprise.

Cinema Review - Last Chance Harvey

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Meet Harvey Shine, a middle-aged man who has somehow ended up with a thankless dead-end job and estranged from his family. Then there’s Kate Walker, who feels well on her way to becoming the spinster with 10 cats and an over-needy paranoid mother to bug her 24/7. They meet, eventually learn to tolerate each other, and much much more.

Cinema Review - The Hangover

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, or so the saying goes, but as the lads in this flick find out there are plenty of tears, missing persons, and other random inexplicable events that come with a night of extreme debauchery. If only they could remember it all. The Hangover is rude, crude, and oh so wrong, that’s what makes it bloody brilliant.

Cinema Review - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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This latest instalment of Harry Potter is certainly thrilling but some of the more exciting parts are left somewhat unexplained and the finale, which could have been great, feeling a bit rushed.

Cinema Review - The Taking of Pelham 123

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I am such a Denzel Washington fan and as an actor he does not disappoint in this film which ticks all the boxes for a hostage flick. However, by its very nature there are no real surprises - there are the requisite negotiations, the impossible demands, a few shootings, and of course getting the bad guy. What’s new?

Cinema Review - The Ugly Truth

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Another battle of the sexes romantic caper? I hear you groan. This flick has all the usual clichés one would expect, however, if you’re willing to leave your brain at the door and just accept the film for what it is - it’s just there for a few laughs and certainly not in line for Oscars or any awards - then you might, just might, find it entertaining.

Cinema Review - Dance Flick

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The trailer had me worried that this was going to be yet another one of those pointless spoof movies, with no plot, lots of stupid gags, and mind-numbing parodies and my suspicions were confirmed.

Cinema Review - Funny People

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The life of a comedian is not all fun and games, in fact it can be down-right depressing, especially if you’re George Simmons, who is forced, through a terminal illness, to reassess his life, and connect with lost loves and human beings in general.

Cinema Review - 500 days of summer

This film is not just another run-of-the-mill romantic comedy where boy meets girl, boy loses girl and then spends the whole film moaning about it. Well OK there is some of this but it’s done in such a quirky and fresh way that you don’t mind, in fact you are enthralled.

Cinema Review - UP

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It’s never too late to take on the adventure of a lifetime and what an adventure recent widower Carl Fredrickson has in Pixar’s latest offering UP, a film which expertly mixes sentimentality, ever-lasting love, action, and of course plenty of laughs.


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