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Cinema Review : Salt

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Angelina Jolie is back in top gun-toting ass-kicking form in this action packed spy movie which is fast-paced edge of seat stuff, but unfortunately it gets a little lost in the chaos leaving many unanswered questions, but hey, maybe I’m just being picky.

Cinema Review - Sex And The City 2

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As a ardent fan of the series I was excitingly taken away with the novelty of the first film but was disappointingly let down. However, all is forgiven, as this sequel brings back a little of the girls we love so well while, at the same time, allowing them to evolve.

Cinema Review - Centurion

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With breathtaking scenery, thrills and blood spills galore this film could have been the next Gladiator but sadly there was just too much carnage during the non-stop fight or flight scenes, not enough development of characters, and a less than impressive ending.

Cinema Review - Kick-Ass

High-school geeks dressing up in ugly wet suits and calling themselves super heroes was not my idea of a great movie but I’m glad to say that, this time, I was oh so wrong, as Kick-Ass well, kicked ass.

Cinema Review - I love you Phillip Morris

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This film about a God fearing ex-cop turned gay conman is full of surprises and lots of laughs with Jim Carrey giving one of his best performances.

Cinema Review - Shutter Island

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This psychological thriller from Martin Scorsese had so much potential, with its twists and turns, blurring the lines between sanity and insanity, and almost cruelly pushing the protagonist on further in his quest to find out the truth, but the film just took too long to get to the point and felt rushed at the end, leaving us feeling disappointed to have gone on the journey in the first place.

Cinema Review - Alice in Wonderland

There was plenty of madness, effects, and stars galore but there just wasn’t enough ‘muchness’ in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, a film which probably hit its head on the way down the rabbit hole.

Cinema Review: Crazy Heart

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WITH A running time of two hours and 10 minutes the end of this film couldn’t come quickly enough. Although the story of a down and out alcoholic ex-country singing star would normally provide as much inspiration for a film as for songs, this was more boring heart than crazy.

Cinema Review - Edge of Darkness

It has been nearly eight years since Mel Gibson has been in front of the camera and his performance in Edge of Darkness is stellar, it’s just a pity that there were too many conspiracies and cover-ups squeezed in which were confusing and annoying at times.

Cinema Review - Valkyrie

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Honourable, brave, decisive, and a fierce love for his country, these are all the qualities of the very complicated and heroic Col Claus Von Stauffenberg who dared to attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler, however, Tom Cruise’s performance takes away from the otherwise good plot line.


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