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Galway City Council must reinstate road safety as a matter of priority, says Cllr McDonnell

A city councillor has blasted the Galway City Council for the lack of action taken on a request made last November to reinstate road safety signs around the city.

Temporary helipad at Shantalla park is not an ‘HSE land grab’

Accusations that the HSE is attempting yet another “land grab” at the site of the Shantalla Neighbourhood Park were vehemently denied at Monday’s meeting of the Galway City Council where a motion calling for approval of Part 8 proposal for the provision of a €250,000 temporary helipad on the council owned land was eventually passed.

Christmas Market gets go-ahead with €20,000 use of park fee waived

Worth €15 million to the local economy Galway’s Continental Christmas Market was given due recognition for its contribution this week with city councillors giving unanimous approval to the granting of a licence to hold the event again this year as well as waiving the €20,000 fee for the use of Kennedy Park.

A centre for the community not for profit, say councillors as centre gets set to open

The new €3 million Knocknacarra Community Centre, which is due to open in mid to late August, must retain as much community involement as possible and should not be completely profit driven, according to a number of city councillors who expressed concerns regarding Galway City Council’s plans to tender out the management of the centre to a specialist operator.

Council urged to deal with rat infested, dangerous, derelict buildings

Galway City Council is being urged to tackle the problem of derelict houses throughout the city, an on-going problem not just for the local authority but also for surrounding residents who are forced to live with these eyesores, some of which are rat infested, have trees growing through the roof, and pose a number of other health and safety risks.

Councillor calls for extra bins for city

Outside of the city centre there is a serious lack of bins, according to Galway city councillor Michael Crowe who is calling for an extra 200 bins to be provided to meet the needs of the people and to fulful the local authorities committment to properly tackle litter.

Concern for future of council refuse service as 125 customers per month leave

The future of Galway City Council’s refuse collection service could be at risk - this was the concern expressed by many councillors who called for a public relations campaign to be launched after being informed that 125 customers per month, over the last four months, have been lost to competitors.

Threadneedle Road right hand turn to be eliminated to free up junction

Some right hand turns at Threadneedle Road junction, described as dangerous and causing major traffic congestion, could be eliminated altogether as part of on-going upgrade works, councillors were told at a recent meeting.

Work on Bodkin Roundabout to begin in next few weeks

Work on the Bodkin Roundabout at Galway Shopping Centre, a major part of the N6 Multi Model Corridor Improvement Scheme, is set to begin next month with a completion date of early November.

Galway gets its seventh city manager in fourteen years

The appointment of the new city manager, Brendan McGrath, was unanimously passed by councillors at last Monday night’s council meeting, however many expressed disappointment that the post did not go to someone “in-house” while others questioned if the city was best served by having a total of seven city managers in the past 14 years.


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