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Heart screening will surely help you avoid the onset of chronic illness

BPro is a Heart Monitor Analizer that has been approved as a Class II Medical Device to evaluate the status/age of your cardiovascular system, the result of which can indicate the condition of your heart and arteries long before you notice prevalent symptoms.

Hundreds of people in chronic pain on waiting list - Murphy


Stress related illness

Chronic stress can lead to many diseases some with very serious consequences such as depression, addiction, anger, insomnia, and other stress related disorders such as allergies, irritable bowel, ulcers, arthritis, anxiety, acne, eczema, heartburn, infertility, impotence, migraine, neck and back pain, night terrors, and psoriasis, to name a few.

Chronic pain programme extended

A recent online treatment programme, set up by expert psychologists and physiotherapists, aims to help those who suffer from chronic pain. Recruitment has been extended until Friday, 29 April due to the number of inquiries received in recent weeks.


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