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Christmas survival guide

Family pressures at Christmas

Deer oh deer — local Christmas tree park opens

Start your own Christmas tradition with the newly opened Christmas tree depot and its neighbouring herd of deer.

Add glamour to your house this Christmas

If you’re the one to organise the Christmas meal this year, you certainly have a responsible task to fulfil. Apart from all the food and drinks, you also want to make your house look as nice as possible in the festive season. If you want to add some glamour to your interior and impress a few guests, there are a few simple decorative touches that can do the trick. They don’t take much time, money or effort, so they should be perfect for this busy time of the year.

Lighting of Christmas tree in Ballybane

The lighting of the Christmas tree in St Brigid’s Church grounds, Ballybane, will take place on Monday December 8 at 6.15pm.

Sponsor a Christmas light and remember a loved one

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People interested in giving a unique gift this festive season can do so by sponsoring a light for €5 on University Hospital Galway’s Christmas tree.

Deck the halls with Woodie’s

Christmas decorations provide the perfect opportunity to add a bit of colour and fun to the home. Woodie’s DIY has a huge range of Christmas decorations in stock.

Free Christmas bazaar is a festive fund-raiser for Clara National School

Families across Kilkenny looking for a free, fun-filled, festive day out are invited to support Clara National School Parents Association’s Christmas bazaar in the Hub, Cillín Hill, on Sunday, December 6, from 1pm to 5pm.

Santa and The Magical Christmas Tree

SANTA AND The Magical Christmas Tree, a wonderful new festive show for children by Shay Healy and Michael Scott, is at the Town Hall Theatre from Monday December 15 to 19.

Santa climbs the wall of the castle under Cody’s watchful eye

Dozens of families gathered with their children at Kilkenny Castle for a Christmas event that saw Santa Claus climb the wall of the castle on Wednesday, December 8 at 5pm.

The Luther Christmas tree

I always thought that the Christmas tree, which gives a special pleasure in any home, was a Victorian thing, introduced by Prince Albert in the early 19th century. But reading Niall Mac Coitir’s fascinating book Irish Trees - Myths, Legends and Folklore* I learned that legend has it that the idea of the Christmas fir tree first came to Martin Luther. After walking one Christmas Eve under a clear winter sky lit by 1,000 stars, he set up for his children a tree with countless candles as an image of the starry heaven whence Christ came. However, the first known record of a modern Christmas tree comes from Strasbourg in 1605 when fir trees were set up and decorated.


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