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Parents missing out on tuition fee tax relief

Parents of the almost 5,000 third level students in Mayo could be missing out on up to €900 in tax relief.

Thousands of Irish workers in line for average tax refund of €880

Experts at are urging PAYE workers to submit their tax refund applications since the Irish tax year ended on December 31. The tax professionals say that their current average tax refund is €880 for a PAYE worker but that as the Government has gnawed away at various tax reliefs over the last few years they expect that average to drop as the years go on.

Don’t be one of Westmeath’s 17 Income Tax defaulters

In the first half of 2012 alone there were 639 income tax defaulters named on the Revenue’s tax defaulters list. say that this should strike a chord with self-assessed taxpayers in Westmeath at a time of year when thousands of self-employed, non-PAYE employees and a growing number of PAYE employees are dreading filing their tax return with just 2 weeks until the October 31 tax return deadline. say that in keeping with other years they expect that a large number of those who are due to file a tax return simply will not do so and a further group will file but will fail to meet the deadline. The latest Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Report 2011 shows that 2,200 people started a new business in Ireland every month in 2011 which means that the number of those required to file a tax return is also growing.

1000s of Westmeath’s workers in line for Celtic Tiger tax return of nearly €840

Although Budget 2012 may not have provided much in the way of future reliefs for taxpayers the good news is that people still have an opportunity to claim the tax refund due to them for prvious years. This is according to leading tax specialists who say that there is still a long list of tax reliefs available to people that could result in savings of hundreds of euro but many of these go unclaimed every year either due to a lack of awareness or unfortunately the apathetic nature of some people.

Up to twenty per cent of self-assessed fail to file on time

A warning has been issued to the owners of Kilkenny’s 3,100 buy-to-let properties that landlords need to file a tax return before October 31 - just 10 days time.


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