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Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, which means sticky shoulder, describes this condition accurately, it occurs in about five per cent of the population. More common in women than men, most women in the beginning of the condition may find it hard to reach the clasp of their brassiere or back pockets; it is worse at night and when lying on the affected side the pain can be excruciating and affect sleep.

Maternity Cycle & Exercise

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I was about to write a neat story about maternity cycle & exercise and then I just realised that hey, I’m no expert.

Coffee morning for charity which supports women’s health in Ethiopia

A fundraising coffee morning will take place this weekend in NUI Galway’s Institute for Lifecourse and Society to raise funds for a charity which works to provide safe obstetric facilities to women in Ethiopia.

Calm, confident, and in control: Brain training for birth

As a mother-to-be living in Ireland, you want to welcome your baby into the world in the safest, most gentle, way possible.

One in four babies born by C-section at Mayo General

More than one-in-four babies are born by Caesarean section at Mayo General Hospital, according to new figures released this week.

Coroner makes home birth recommendations following still birth of baby boy

The Coroner for South Mayo, John O’Dwyer, made a number of recommendations for home births this week following an inquest into a tragic case where a baby was still born after complications arose during a home birth.

Women who receive midwife care throughout their pregnancy and birth have better outcomes

Maternity care that involves a midwife as the main care provider leads to better outcomes for most women, according to a systematic review published in The Cochrane Library.

Mayo mothers asked to share their birth stories and photos

Irish voluntary organisation, AIMS Ireland has launched an innovative public information campaign for women having babies in Ireland . The campaign, called 42 weeks, aims to inform and support women and their partners so that they can put decisions about their maternity care firmly in their hands, to ensure that they make the right choices, and have the best possible birth outcomes, for their babies and themselves.

Learn antenatal hypnotherapy

Pregnancy and birth should be a joyful, calm process, which comes naturally, but many mothers-to-be fear the experience might be uncomfortable, scary, painful, or complicated.


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