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Sometimes we all need a little help to get out the gate

If you have been feeling tired, run down, or maybe have been enjoying the summer a little too much, it is important to give your body the best chance you can to get back into stride.

Cathaoirleach launches 2019 gum litter campaign

Cathaoirleach of the County of Galway, Cllr. Jimmy McClearn, officially launched the Gum Litter Taskforce’s gum litter education campaign in Portumna last week.

Saturday Forum returns to the airwaves

After the Christmas/New Year break the flagship current affairs programme Saturday Forum returns to CRC 102.9 fm at 11.30am on tomorrow, Saturday January 16. The hour-long show provides a platform for a wide range of topics to be debated, and issues both local and national will be up for discussion.

Jazz it up at the Linenhall

Freshen up your jazz life with GoGo Penguin, performing at the Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar on Thursday October 29 at 8pm as part of a Music Network tour.

Gum litter task force launches Galway campaign

The 2014 Gum Litter Taskforce environmental awareness campaign has been launched in Oranmore.

Healthy gums are a must for our overall health

Research is ongoing, but red, swollen, and bleeding gums may point to health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. Healthy gums are a physical barrier designed to stop bacteria entering the body. When gums are unhealthy, bacteria from the mouth may enter the bloodstream, setting off an inflammatory reaction elsewhere. Left untreated, gum disease can increase the risk of a host of diseases linked to inflammation. Certain diseases and medications may also cause problems in the mouth, which is why an annual check-up with your dentist is recommended.

Your mouth — the gateway to your body

No more than two decades ago, a physician who suspected heart disease would probably not refer the patient to a gum specialist. The same went for diabetes, pregnancy, or just about any other medical condition. However times have changed. In the past five to 10 years there has been a ballooning interest in possible links between mouth health and body health. The merging knowledge of the Western and Eastern medical sciences clearly shows the physical and the energetic link of the teeth to specific body systems and organs.

The mouthpiece

At any given time four out of every five adults suffer from gum disease. Gum disease is never cured, it is only controlled by attention to detail and removal of plaque on a daily basis. However if caught in the early stages it is entirely possible to control the progress of this endemic problem and keep your smile for life.

How to lick dry mouth

Saliva plays an essential role in maintaining oral health. Dry mouth can be caused by a variety of factors, and can cause distressing side effects such as a constant need for moisture, bad breath, altered taste, burning tongue, tooth decay and loss, gum inflammation and disease, pain and discomfort, digestive problems, problems with dentures, and in some cases, even malnutrition.

Treating gum disease

What is Gum Disease?

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