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‘Outstanding courage, skill and determination’ defined romantic Oranmore Commander

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The first winter of the war was unusually cold. Commander Bill King’s submarine Snapper served in the North Sea from April 1939 for 12 months. During that time it had numerous contact with enemy ships, mainly in the Skagerrat Strait, between the southeast coast of Norway and the southwest coast of Sweden.

We need a referendum on the austerity treaty

“I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians,” the former French president Charles De Gaulle once said. Indeed he would have been within his rights to substitute the word ‘dangerous’ for ‘serious’.

A few words of wisdom... as we break for summer

It has been some few weeks in Galway politics - political U-turns, denials of freedom of speech, accusations of homophobia, cynical political skulduggery, dubious explanations of motive, and much embarrassment. With that in mind here is a selection of quotes which sum up Galway’s hectic political summer.

Flights from Knock to Dublin to be cancelled from this summer

Flights from Knock Airport to Dublin are to cease in July following the Government decision revealed this week to withdraw public service obligation funding for the route.

Pucker up the lips, and get down on those knees

Pucker up those lips lads and lassies and get out the lip balm. Yes, make those lips as big as our leader’s. Now, get down on one knee, and then the others. And get practising at something we haven’t done for a while. Ass-kissing is back. In a big way.


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