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NUI Galway scientists identify strategies to develop better beet

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Plant biotechnologists from the Ryan Institute at NUI Galway have identified genetic breeding strategies to develop bigger and better sugar beet. Sustainable intensification of agriculture to meet rapidly growing global demand for food and non-food products produced by crops will require higher yielding crop varieties that can produce more food using less resources and land area. For crops such as sugar beet, this means the development of varieties that produce more per hectare, while reducing inputs. The findings from their research has been published in the international journal, BMC Plant Biology.

NUI Galway and Teagasc form partnership to tackle greenhouse gases

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The agri-food and drink sector in Ireland is a €10.8 billion industry, and one of Ireland’s most important economically, but the greenhouse gases emitted from milk and meat production in the sector makes it one of the largest sources of pollution nationwide.


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