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Moisturising is key for dry skin conditions

Evaporation of water on the skin leads to dry skin conditions like eczema. Skin hydration is a key component of their overall management. Lotions which have a high water and low oil content can worsen dry skin via evaporation and trigger a flare up of the disease. However, thick creams like Whelehans Moisturising Cream which have a low water content, or ointments (eg petroleum jelly, emulsifying ointment), which have zero water content, will better protect against dry skin.

Fabulous Elizabeth Arden gift with purchase

Receive your fabulous beauty gift worth €26 available from Thursday April 11 until Thursday May 2 - yours with the purchase of two or more Elizabeth Arden products (one to be skincare).

Hands Up

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As the time comes to discard our gloves and winter woolies (we hope!) it is important that we do not unveil hands with dry, chapped skin.

Fun in the sun

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Stay safe and have fun in the sun this summer with the help of Aldi’s suncare range. Suitable for skins of all ages, the range provides complete protection for all the family.

Get your lips ready for Valentine’s

Cold temperature, wind, matt lipstick, and even medication can all dehydrate fragile lips, leaving them sore and chapped, a big no no when it comes to romance. Not only are dry and cracked lips less than attractive, they can also be painful and extremely uncomfortable.

Look after your lips and get them in perfect Valentine’s condition...

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My lips are suffering, in this weather especially, going from one condition to the next. So with Valentine’s Day around the corner my aim is to make my lips kissable! So I have just started to use the new Nutritic Lips €7 which is for sensitive lips.

Get buzzing with Burts Bees

I have fallen in love with a new range of products known as Burts Bees. In the last week I have used its Beeswax Lip Balm and their Radiance Day Lotion with spf 15.


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