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Reeling back the years....

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I get both embarrassed and amused, in an hysterical sort of a way, reading back over the recent social history of poor Cathleen Ní Houlihan. Particularly when it touches on anything sexual. It is surprising that any of us were born at all, such was the misery caused at the mention that anyone might be enjoying a healthy sexual relationship with a partner. The impression was given that everyone who had sexual contact outside marriage was not only in a state of serious sin, but that they were some kind of social pariah, to be scorned and driven away from normal society. Even sex within marriage could be shaky. It really was a subject that could not be discussed in public at all without inviting legions of self-righteous men and women out on the streets proclaiming well-meaning but ill-informed opinion.

A landscape treasure on our doorstep

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On several occasions I have purposely let myself get lost along the narrow roads of the Sliabh Aughty (Echtge*) uplands which extend over some 250 square miles over the southeast Galway and west Clare borders. It’s a territory way off the tourist trail. On either side of the road hedgerows are positive gardens of wild flowers in June. In August they collapse drunkenly along its edge.


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