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Local political landscape painted as canvass formally concludes

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Athlone SocDems candidate joins party co-leaders on canvass trail

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Speaking on the canvass trail this week, Athlone SocDems candidate, Fiona Lynam, has spoken of the constituent disillusionment she has experienced as she meets with the voting public.

Treatment of carers a pertinent issue on the election canvass trail

While continuing his local election canvass, Athlone Sinn Féin candidate, Padraig Hegarty has noted a common theme emerging pertaining to the treatment of carers.

Local political canvass trail remains dominated by the essential public issues

With the local elections less than five months away, Cllr. Aengus O’Rourke notes that four major national issues continue to dominate the public mindset, similar to those that prevailed on the canvass in 2014.

Your vote is valuable, make sure who gets it deserves it

Before the cock crows five times, the belief is that the country will be in election mode. Not a dog will be able to relieve itself against the base of a telegraph pole for fear of having a ladder placed on his paw. Not a handshake or a greeting will be uttered by an upstart candidate that won’t be cynically mistaken for a canvass. And the stage will be set for what will be perhaps the most open and unpredictable general election in modern times as the parties and their people stomp from door to door to get your vote.

When it comes to the Budget people don’t forget

Many years ago, a friend of mine named Anthony recalled canvassing for the Labour Party in a rural area in Co Galway during one of the general election in the 1970s or early 1980s.

Local Elections hit the internet

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With the launch of David FitzGerald’s campaign website, the Local Elections are set for an Obama type makeover. The busy new Fine Gael candidate kicked off the campaign season with his website launch with Phil Hogan TD and Senator John Paul Phelan. The site is aimed at keeping the electorate up to date on campaign news and provides a useful source of information on his press releases, photographs, and opinions.

Cast your vote to earn the right to criticise

Have you lost your job? Have your working hours being reduced? Are you struggling to make ends meet? Were you self employed and out of work and fighting the system to get assistance from the State? Are you afraid that you won’t be able to afford to go to third level? Is the pension levy crippling you? Are you happy with the status quo? Do you think the Government are doing a good job? Could they do better? Who could do better? Are they all the same?

‘Be nice to canvassers’ appeals Independent candidate

Given the deservedly low opinion in which the public currently holds the incompetent trio of Cowen, Lenihan, and Coughlan, it’s no surprise canvassers are having doors slammed in their faces - even if they have nothing to do with Fianna Fáil!

Do you want my vote or not?

The posters are up and the fight is on as the Local and European elections are only four weeks away now. Wednesday morning saw the lampposts and pillars of the towns, villages, and roads of Mayo covered in faces smiling at us asking for our number one and two, three and four, in whatever order we prefer.

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