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Fire In Cairo - a tribute to The Cure

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FEW BANDS from the post-punk scene of the late 1970s have proved as enduring, as popular, or as influential as The Cure, whose fusion of Goth, punk, pop, and new wave, was swignificant in the development of indie music.

Grief and despair on Galway streets November 1920

Sunday November 21 1920, known as ‘Bloody Sunday’, marked one of the most significant events in the Irish War of Independence. The day began with an IRA operation, organised by Michael Collins, to assassinate the so called ‘Cairo Gang’ - a team of undercover British agents, working and living in Dublin. IRA members went to a number of addresses, and shot dead 14 people including nine army officers.

The Awaking of Augusta - The affair

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The affair between Augusta Lady Gregory and Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, the romantic traveller, poet and a somewhat eccentric man addicted to political causes, lasted one year. It carried on almost under the eyes of her husband Sir William. He did not notice it, or if he did, he chose not to notice it.

A historic Galway hurling team

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“We are blessed with the most wonderful field game in the world. No sport is more skillful, more graceful, more revealing of those who play it, and nobody who has seen hurling played by its greatest exponents can be in any doubt what beauty is, or graciousness or courtesy either.

'The Cure is my family, it's never not going to be'

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WHEN DID The Cure begin? Was it December 1976 when the band played their first gig? Was it 1972 when the original line-up, in their early teens, held a jam session? Or was it 1964, when seven-year-olds Robert Smith and Lol Tolhurst sat beside each other on the bus to school?

The Cure tribute @ Monroe's Live

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GLWAY FANS of The Cure fans have a chance to don the eyeliner, don black gear, and use tons of hairspray and gel when Fire In Cairo, the tribute band to The Cure play Galway this month.


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