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Get your CV ready for 2018

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The term ‘Curriculum Vitae’ or CV, can be literally translated as ‘course of life’. Sometimes referred to as a résumé, it’s an outline of your education, skills, experience and relevant achievements.

How can hobbies add value to my CV?

At the end of many CVs there’s a section reserved for personal information such as hobbies, interests and volunteering. We’ve all seen the cursory attention this section sometimes gets with the predictable list: reading, walking and socialising. But don’t let this opportunity to add value to your application pass you by writes SABINA TRENCH, CAREER COACH, SLI NUA CAREERS.

Tips for preparing the perfect CV and cover letter from Padraig O’Connor

Career coach Padraig O’Connor helps many of his clients with their CV and cover letters. The following are what he feels are the cornerstones of writing a CV and cover letter:

Preparation remains the CV key

Many times I have been asked the question: “how do I get that job?”.  My answer is always the same: “preparation”. It can never be emphasised enough how important it is to be prepared when applying for a position, writes Paul Aspell, Career Coach. 


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