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The Galway starvation riots

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Our illustration today was published in the Illustrated London News on June 25, 1842, and was intended to “Convey an idea of the desperation to which the poor people of Galway have been reduced by the present calamitous season of starvation. The scene represented above is an attack upon a potato store in the town of Galway, on the 13th of the present month, when the distress had become too great for the poor squalid and unpitied inhabitants to endure their misery any longer, without some more substantial alleviation than prospects of coming harvest; and their resource in this case was to break open the potato stores and distribute their contents, without much discrimination, among the plunderers, and to attack the mills where oatmeal was known to be stored.

Mayo County Prison after the Battle of Castlebar 1798

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The sound of artillery and musket fire has died away. Dead combatants and military ordinance are scattered on the Green in Castlebar. Outside the County Prison on the Green, the blood-soaked body of a lone Fraser Fencible lay dead on the steps – bludgeoned to death by French infantrymen.

Tales of wolves and wolf-dogs

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In 2019, Eamon Ryan TD suggested reintroducing wolves in rural areas. With wild open spaces, forests, mountains, and a plentiful supply of livestock, Mayo would seem to offer an ideal habitat.

Auction Rooms prepare to host first new calendar year event

Approximately 1,400 lots will be bid ready this weekend as Galway Auction Rooms prepares to host its first event of the new calendar year.

The saga of the great ship continues

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During the last week of October 1860 members of the crew of the Connaught began to return to Galway. On October 28 the first to arrive came by train ‘where a large number of people on that afternoon were at the station to welcome them back.’

Galway’s heroic attempt to get into the transatlantic business

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Reading through William Henry’s comprehensive digest of the story of Galway * from its original foundation on the banks of the Corrib to the present day, I am reminded that there was an extraordinary burst of optimism and creative energy in the middle of the 19th century despite the ravages of the Great Famine barely a decade before.

Monaghans Galway Scoop Top Prize for Connaught in National Car Dealership Awards

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Monaghans Galway has received an award for Best Social Media in Connacht for 2019.

Hodson Bay Hotel Wins Connaught Carvery of the Year

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At the recent Unilever Knorr Great Carvery awards ceremony, the Hodson Bay Hotel was confirmed as the Gold Medal Winner for the ‘Best Hotel Carvery’ across the province of Connaught.

Special Olympics needs volunteers for tomorrow’s annual collection

The annual collection day for the Special Olympics in Galway takes place tomorrow, and organisers are calling for volunteers to help.

Kings of Connaught hold court at the Shearwater

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The bright young things of Irish folk and ballad, The Kings of Connaught, are set to continue their upward trajectory with a show at the Shearwater Hotel, Ballinasloe on March 17, followed by the release of their new single, Right All Right, this summer.

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