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Mindfulness and meditation course in Athlone

A mindfulness and meditation course, run by the Irish Mindfulness Institute, will take place in Athlone on Saturday May 17.

CBTM for emotional and physical pain

Do you struggle with weight loss, stopping smoking, sleeping difficulties, or back pain? Has your obsessive compulsive cleaning, post traumatic stress difficulties, sports injury, panic attacks, arthritis, or chronic fatigue got you down? Medical treatment helps, but so does cognitive behaviour therapy with mindfulness (CBTM).

NUI, Galway pain research unit looking for headache sufferers

The Centre for Pain Research at NUI Galway is currently recruiting people with chronic or recurrent daily headaches to take part in an online pain management programme.

First self-help programme for persistent fatigue in cancer survivors now available in Galway

A home-based intervention developed by St James’s Hospital and the Regional Oncology Programme Office, Dublin to help cancer survivors manage fatigue, one of the most common, distressing, and disabling difficulties people face after cancer treatment, has now been made available to patients by Roche Products (Ireland) Ltd in UHG, the Galway Clinic, and Portiuncula.

Brain aware coping with post-traumatic stress disorder


Mind and Body Solutions ‘helping you to help yourself’

Like most tasks in life, those that are approached in a systematic and professional manner will yield results.

Camino walk for Aware

Walkers across Ireland are invited to take part in the first ever Camino Walk for Aware, which takes place on June 4 to 11 next. The trek takes in 112km of spectacular scenery along the pilgrim path of St James in Santiago de Compostela, northern Spain. More information and registration details are available now on or call Helen on 087 679 4356.

Coping with depression

The word depression is a much misused term. When people are feeling a little sad, moody or down for a short period they often say they are depressed. But in reality they are really just having an “off” day or week and their mood will lift shortly.

Ten reasons to lose weight in 2010

Have you ever been asked if you were pregnant, refused to go swimming or avoided looking in the mirror? These are just some of the reasons why you should start your weight-loss journey in 2010.


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