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Cinema Review - Law Abiding Citizen

FOLLOWING THE brutal rape and murder of his wife and daughter a man who is let down by the so-called justice system takes matters into his own hands by exacting lethal revenge on all who hurt or failed him.

Let your creative side shine through this Christmas week

First and foremost congratulations to our Art Competition winner this year! It is refreshing each year to see an alternative front page to our newspaper - one that is devoid of bad news and instead brings a feeling of joy, goodwill and festive cheer.

Dubs earn the spoils over determined Kilkenny outfit

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Kilkenny’s under 14 team faced Dublin side NDSL over the weekend in the Inter League. The game started at a frantic pace with Kilkenny matching the Dublin side for skill and pace and determination. But it was Dublin who made the breakthrough with a goal from Jamie Walsh.


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