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Government needs to prepare for, and be honest about, the scale of the coming recession

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In mid-March, on introduction of the dramatic measures to contain the spread of Covid-19, Insider remarked that while the health aspects of the crisis would dominate the initial phase of the crisis, in the long run, this would go down as an economic crisis.

Calls to SVP show no sign of decreasing despite signs of economic recovery

The reliance of thousands of Irish families on the Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP) has remained consistently high over the past five years, and the numbers show no sign of decreasing in any significant way, said SVP Galway as it launched its annual appeal this week.

'I am determined, as Taoiseach, to break this country out of this boom and bust cycle'

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Last week Fine Gael held its annual party think-in at the Galway Bay Hotel and, on Thursday morning, I had a sit-down with An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to hear his thoughts on a range of local and national issues.

Level of demand still far exceeding supply

The construction industry responded positively to demand for housing this year, but the level of demand is still far greater than supply, according to figures revealed in the latest GeoView Residential Buildings Report, published by GeoDirectory.

Latest construction employment figures highlight lopsided economic recovery - CIF

Employment in the construction sector rebounded rapidly in the first quarter of this year, showing an increase of 9,500 new jobs, a rise of 7.8 per cent. This is an increase of 28,000 jobs since the first quarter of 2012.

Time to end land speculation says Nolan

Galway West TD and Chair of the Labour Party Manifesto Committee Derek Nolan believes that the next government must look seriously at ending land speculation by putting controls on the price of land in place.

Over half of business owners believe staff will ask for pay rise

Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon commissioned Millward Brown to conduct a survey to study the business and HR sentiment in the Midlands region. Launched this week, the results from across seven Midland counties (Offaly, Laois, Westmeath, Tipperary North, Kildare, Meath, and Carlow) provide an insight into how business owners are feeling now and their expectations for the future. The report also identifies the triggers and barriers to growth and compares the Midlands region with other parts of the country.

New fibre optic network confirms light at end of every tunnel

Like the man-flu that exists in the minds of men only (or does it?), it is perhaps possible to live in denial of the economic hell breaking around on all sides of us now, simply by switching off the radio and refusing to tune into news of any kind. Unfortunately, such an approach is not only unrealistic, it is flawed. Whether we like it or not, nothing can be resolved until tackled head on. While confrontation is something most of us avoid, in cases of crisis such as now, it is unavoidable. We must face facts. The so-called Irish recession is not in the past tense. We are heading not only towards a new recession, but a likely depression.

Questions raised over Government recession-tackling measures

As the highest ever number of unemployed people was recorded this week with more than 452,000 now without jobs, Government representatives have rejected claims that Ireland is entering a decade of stagnation due to a ‘jobless recovery’.

Positives in the face of a recession

It’s official, the recession is here. There’s been talk of nothing else over the past few months with the Government coming under fierce criticism from opposition parties this week for not holding an adequate debate on the issue when the Dáil resumed after its summer recess.

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