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The adventure continues for Handsome Burger!

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The BOB, The Petey Pablo, The Handsome Roost; burgers known and loved throughout Galway and beyond by burger connoisseurs and now those patties will delight the palates of the people of Galway again as the boys from Handsome Burger open their new premises on Dominick Street (formerly Creole restaurant).

Celebrate National Burger Day with Harlowe

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The burger bandwagon rolls on and on. We have seen the rise and fall of hot dogs, ribs, and burritos, but the popularity of burgers never seems to die. While we have compiled our own lists of where is best in Galway for fish and chips (Hooked), the best sandwich (Entrepans), pizza, fries, coffee, and more, for a long time even though almost every menu in town has a burger listed on it, there is none that really stands out from the crowd.

American Bites diner opens in Athlone

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The first branch of the American Bites franchise in Ireland opens in Athlone today.

The perfect burger — now in Galway

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The making of a perfect burger has been the aim of many a chef over the years and recently we have seen the arrival of gourmet burger restaurants where the whole focus is on providing you with a substantial meal in a bun. The meat has to be right, the cooking (preferably chargrilled) has to be perfect, the bun itself has to be well chosen, and then you decide which additions will make it a finished product. I am surprised how long it has taken for this type of food to catch on as 25-plus years ago I survived on a diet of such burgers in Birmingham, served in a basket with fantastic chips and salad.


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