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Two-year Advertiser history series to remember events of a century ago

The question as to how the events of the Irish revolution of c. 1914-23 (and particularly the Easter Rising) will be remembered in Ireland and in Galway during the forthcoming decade of centenaries is an important one; and will form the bedrock of a two-year series of articles to start in the Galway Advertiser next week.

Could sunshine save your life?

It seems that low levels of vitamin D are being linked to a growing range of health problems. Research from Bristol University in the UK showed that pregnant women with higher levels of vitamin D had taller, stronger-boned children. Other research has suggested that lower levels of vitamin D in childhood could be linked to a greater risk of developing multiple sclerosis. Researchers have also linked insufficient vitamin D to heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure, various forms of cancer, diabetes, and arthritis.

C’mon the Cats!

I’ve never owned a dog. I’m fond of other peoples, but, like children, it’s good to be able to hand them back to their owners/parents at the end of a visit. I almost bought a King Charles once, but a veterinary friend advised me against it. “You’ll end up handing me a fortune, those purebreds are all inbred and pick up all sorts of sicknesses. Get yourself a mongrel instead.”


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