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Cracks emerge in FG strategy to win two City East seats

Fine Gael’s bold attempt to win an additional seat in Galway City East appears to be falling apart at the seams as one of the three candidates in the ward is being accused is failing to fall into line regarding the constituency divide.

Walsh rubbishes claims he will top poll in Galway City East

There is nothing a politician hates more than being told they are ‘safe’ and will win a seat. As soon as they hear that they fear no one will vote for them.

Walsh lashes Keane over ‘ruined the city’ remarks

“Nonsense” is how Fine Gael councillor Brian Walsh has described claims by Fianna Fáil Galway City West candidate Peter Keane that the current body of city councillors have “ruined the city”.

Mayor’s chain still up for grabs as coalition talks continue

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Labour and Fine Gael are engaged in a fierce struggle with the Independent former PD councillors to form an electoral and mayoral pact ahead of Monday’s city council meeting which will decide who the next Mayor of Galway will be.

Walsh becomes new FG leader in city

Councillor Brian Walsh has been elected as the new Fine Gael leader on the Galway City Council replacing long serving former councillor John Mulholland.

Blueshirt battle to get into the Dáil

In November 1982, Fine Gael had their biggest breakthrough in Galway West when it took two out of five seats. Since the 1987 General Election, the party has never looked like repeating that success - until now.

Could FG overtake FF in Galway West?

The thing about elections is that political anoraks can never get enough of them. The locals are just over and already speculation is going on about who might run for which party in the next General Election.

City to get new bus shelters but former mayors still call for more

Galway city is about to get 21 new bus shelters but far more are needed and many more still await repairs and renovation and City Hall must address this immediately.

FG to tackle ‘paper cumann’ to win two seats in Galway West

Fine Gael is likely to run a new strategy at the next general election, one that will divide the city into a western and eastern half, in an effort to knock out Fianna Fáil and win two seats.

Docklands development is too important to see stalled, says Walsh

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If the docklands and the proposals to turn it into a major port and harbour area are subjected to an area development plan, the proposal will go the way of the Ardaun - a noble plan the city is still waiting to see become a reality.


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