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Blueberry muffins


Brilliant Galway brunches

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With the summer season fast approaching again, one of the bonuses for the frequent diner in Galway is better breakfast and brunch options. This was a bleak enough prospect for a long time, but now we are spoiled with great weekday breakfasts. PoppySeed, Ard Bia, and McCambridge’s cafes notably serve up perfect starts to the morning before the more reliable pubs join in after 10.30am or 11am with big fry-ups and comforting mugs of tea. At the weekends there is even more to choose from.

Evenings at McCambridge’s

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McCambridge’s is one of my favourite shops. Not a week passes that I do not go in for something special. You can easily put together a wonderful lunch, maybe some grilled artichokes, artisanal cheese, or organic salmon on the freshest of brown bread. An evening meal is just as easily assembled with confit duck legs and something from the salad bar. There are the ever popular sandwiches from the counter to be eaten by the surging waters of the Corrib on a sunny day.

Herterich’s and Front Door combine for new twist on old favourite

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Herterich Pork Butchers, a fourth generation artisan butchers b ased in Lombard Street, have been a fixed part of the Galway community since the opening of their doors in 1940. Their award winning sausages are always made in house with the freshest locally sourced ingredients.

Banana and oat breakfast muffins

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Recently I have had to reprimand my children for their overuse of the ‘N’ word. It is something that I, like many others, find deeply offensive. I have, I think, brought them up well and feel aggrieved that this is how they repay me. Such outrageous behaviour goes against everything that I believe to be right. It started off innocently enough with the five year old slipping the odd ‘N’ word into a sentence. I may have turned a blind eye, anything for a quiet life. Then all of a sudden it escalated into using it everywhere, at every possible opportunity, to my complete mortification. Out loud and in front of other people.

Banana, hazelnut, and chocolate bread and butter pudding

Serves 4

The Prince Bar & Kitchen Baking Corner

Rhubarb and white chocolate muffins

Delicious deli treats at the g Counter

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This new cafe and deli based in Wellpark Retail Park caused quite a lot of excitement when it opened four months ago and now has just about found its groove. Next to the back door of the g Hotel and directly across from the Eye Cinema, it instantly scores brownie points with some of the only free parking in the city and no booking required.

Healthy BBQs made easy

Orla Brady, Community Dietitian, HSE

A waffley good time in Liosbaun

Mr Waffle has been popular from day one. Located on a very busy intersection, the flagship shop on Newcastle Road is convenient for both the university and the hospital. Both fine institutions, it's fair to say, but somewhat notorious for the poor quality food available to workers, students, and inmates. However, Mr Waffle's wide selection of crepes, sandwiches, quesadillas, and salads has saved many of them from a joyless lunch break.


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