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The books are back in town across Mayo

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Libraries across Mayo have started to reopen and they are delighted to welcome readers back through their doors.

Opera, ballet, and book club at the Pálás

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SOME OF the finest operas and ballets of all time, and one of the most famous books Charles Dickens wrote, can be enjoyed at a new series of event screenings at the Pálás, and at the cinema's book club.

Housekeeping tips for autumn

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With October now a week old and the weather deteriorating, it is likely we will be spending more time indoors at home. To make home a more alluring prospect here at the we have a few tips.

How to succeed in sixth year

It is a bright day in mid-June. You are lying in your bed, very aware that no alarm is going off and you do not have to be anywhere or pick up any books today. One of the most difficult exams, if not the most difficult exam, in your life is behind you.

Sol y Luna School of Spanish for primary and secondary students and adults

Sol y Luna Language School in Galway has been serving students’ needs for the past number of years and the testimonials from both parents and students speak for how successful it is.

Tough times for Karl Marx

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LIFE IS tough for Karl Marx. He is on his uppers with a family to support, he is ravaged by boils, and writing The Communist Manifesto is proving much harder than anticipated. He has a lot on his plate.

HSE reassures Naughton that Sherwood House will not treat sex offenders

Dep Hildegarde Naughton said this week she had been assured that the HSE would not offer outpatient appointments to sex offenders at a new facility, Sherwood House, located beside a city primary school.

Welcome to the Stranger takes to the stage in Westport

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Ballina Dramatic Society in association with Keepsake Theatre present Welcome to the Stranger for one night only, tonight, Friday, April 19, at 8pm in the Town Hall Theatre in Westport.

Control the interview? You decide

The decisions we make in job interviews are crucial. When we hear the phrase “You control the interview”, we often get stomached, writes LIAM HORAN, Career Coach, Sli Nua Careers.

There’s nothing like the filthy lucre

When we were growing up, we never thought that people like the county council employee or the teacher or the guard ever cared about the filthy lucre. They were people who did the job cos it was part of what they were. In our minds, they were the salt of the earth, who came to their jobs because they had a calling, a sort of vocation brought to them on the road to Damascus, when they were struck by a strong light and told by a booming voice “Son, your future is in forward planning and Section Fours. Now go forth.” Young gardai then were not reared on diets of CSI and Midsomer Murders. No, they were hewn from Connemara rock, with necks like a jockey’s b.. ahem, like a jockey, and with a chest that ensured the silver insignia on their shoulders sat two yards apart. Teachers were normally the lucky ones in a family who would have the good luck to have had a grandmother or an aunt wealthy enough to send just one of them to third level while the rest stayed at home, fought over the farms and descended into a lifetime of alcoholism and inappropriate thoughts.


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