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Lost my job, now what will I do?

Q: I have been in work for 24 years. I had a stable job, and no desire to change. Due to COVID-19 and other issues, the company has offered me a redundancy next month. It’s hard not to take this personally and it is affecting my confidence. I am not sure where to start or what to do next. Any advice? (BC, email).

Five reasons on how to get your top job

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We all at some point in our lives have to work in a job which we do not enjoy. It is called being an adult, many parents will say to their newly graduated children who are toiling away in minimum wage jobs. However, it does not have to be the career you forge forever. Here at the we highlight the best ways to find that job that will provide you with contentment.

Know Your Rights: Payslips

Question: I started a new job three weeks ago. Although I have been paid each week, I do not know if I have paid any tax or PRSI. How do I find that out?

Job searching in today’s job market

Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services in association with Social Media Skillnet are hosting a free event to provide valuable advice to anyone searching for a job in today’s market.

Your Career, Your Choices

Q: I have been working as office manager in a company for the past three months – without actually getting the stripes. The situation was that the previous office manager took ill and they recruited me on a temporary basis to take over the job. Initially, there was some resentment among the other three people in the office – at least two of whom might have felt they should have got the job. But that has now dissipated and we have a happy working environment. One of the two even confided in me that he was glad I had come in as he didn’t feel he would be able to do the job as good I can. Anyway, that’s not my reason for writing to you. What’s bugging me now is that the job is now to be filled on a full-time basis. I had hoped I would get the job without it being advertised, but it has been advertised locally in the media. What should I do? Does this mean they don’t think my face fits? (RK, email)

Tips on handling a new job

Settling into a new job role can seem a daunting prospect. How will your colleagues view you? Will you live up to their expectations? Will you settle in quickly? Here is some advice on new job etiquette and how to ease through this transition period.


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