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How the Eighth Amendment affects maternity services

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The Eighth Amendment, inserted into the Constitution in 1983, equates the life of the mother with the life of the unborn child. Abortion is not available in Ireland even in cases of fatal foetal anomaly or when a woman becomes pregnant as a result of rape.

Considering the value of the Eighth Amendment - Ireland’s right to life amendment

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I remember very well when I first got involved in the pro-life movement. I was at an information stand on Societies day in NUI, Galway and a second-year student approached me. She said, ‘Please tell people that it’s not the answer’. She had been through abortion. It was offered to her as a ‘choice’ that would liberate her but instead had caused her significant suffering. It’s distressing that her voice and the voice of many other women like her are not given a hearing during this debate. They deserve better.


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