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DermArt Aesthetics opens new clinic in Galway

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DermArt Aesthetics opens its Galway clinic this coming Saturday 1st June in Galway in Urban Wellbeing, Tuam Rd, Galway.

Amber: the magic continues

On Saturday, November 7, Amber would like to invite you to celebrate its second anniversary at its premises on Mary Street, Galway.

What about my moss?

The winter months are the ideal time to address any moss issues that you may have with your lawn. The lawn experts at Greenhand recommend a moss control treatment followed up a couple of weeks later by a treatment called “lawn scarification”. What is scarification? Scarification is the mechanical removal of the moss and thatch layer while at the same time ventilating the roots of the grass to aid healthy growth in the coming spring. How do I know if I need scarification? Greenhand will examine your lawn to establish the depth of the surface thatch and overall sponginess. If there is excessive thatch Greenhand may recommend scarification. What effect will it have on the moss? Moss loves a moisture rich environment so it therefore loves surface thatch as moisture is trapped there preventing it from getting through to the soil below. Scarification removes this surface thatch and therefore the cause of the moss. How does Greenhand carry out scarification? A professional scarifying machine is driven over the whole surface of the lawn getting as close to the edge as possible (approximately six inches). The resulting waste is then removed and put on your compost heap. For further information and a free, no obligation, quotation, just phone Jean in the Greenhand office to arrange a visit from the team. Telephone 098 39155 or find them on Facebook at Greenhand Lawn Treatment Services, or visit


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