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Bullying still being swept under the carpet, says author

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Little monitoring of bullying incidents takes place in Ireland, a new book published by a Galway-based author claims.

Stress among health professionals to be discussed at NUI Galway conference next week

Stress among health professionals is one of the subjects which will be addressed at the eighth annual psychology, health and medicine conference which will take place at the Arts Millennium Building, NUI Galway on Monday.

Time for city councillors to cop on or go

The political events and the economic fallout from the past few months have led to a situation where the general public is now less accepting of any posturing or gombeenism. They have all been through the mill financially at the start of this new year and there is no appetite for the sort of political games that might have taken place in more affluent times. The only thing that the public want of their politicians now is that they go in, do their job, be as respectful and accommodating as possible and that in return the public servants work with them to ensure the services that we all need are provided to the highest standard.

Moodwatchers seminar comes to Castlebar

The Moodwatchers one-day psychology seminar returns to Castlebar on Saturday May 15 at the Harlequin Hotel from 10am to 4pm.

Proust Questionnaire

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

What is effective counselling?

Strong emotions like depression, anxiety and anger are at the root of why so many people seek help from GPs, counsellors, psychotherapists or clinical psychologists. Despite their training many professionals are not good at dealing with the disruption that out of control emotions cause their clients. Some common forms of counselling, for example, are known to make depression and anxiety disorders worse. Conversely, the right type of counselling is known to be more effective than drug treatments for all of these conditions.

When closure is just the beginning...

And now it’s over. When they turn the key and step in, the house seems emptier. It was quiet before they left for Ireland, but now, if it was at all possible, it seems to have lost even more of its heartbeat. The clock ticks in the background — its tick hitting a false note of optimism, its tock emphasising the silence. They look at the door, and sob inside and wish that for just one more time, it would swing open and their bouncy happy daughter would come back in through it. Closure is sometimes seen as the end of a journey, but often it is just a mythical void. The pain in their chests that comes with every waking moment of the horrific realisation has not abated, as they thought it might. Now, alone together for the first time in weeks, they realise that often closure is the beginning of the journey and not an imagined end. Now, the hard work begins. The bit where the desire for justice has left them unfulfilled, the hole in their hearts just too large.

Helping your child to overcome shyness

Parenting a shy child can be frustrating, baffling, and worrying for a parent. If you are shy yourself you will be acutely aware of how your child feels in a world full of seemingly confident people. If on the other hand you are not shy yourself, you will be baffled and often frustrated by your child's behaviour.


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