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Mobile phone use is most hated of driver bad habits

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A survey of Irish motorists carried out by tyre manufacturer Continental shows that other drivers’ use of a hand-held mobile phone while behind the wheel is the single most annoying bad habit on the road.

Mobile phone is most hated of driver bad habits

The other most annoying habits that irked respondents included: Overtaking illegally or dangerously (47.7 per cent); driving too slowly (44.1 per cent); not indicating or generally bad lane use (43.2 per cent); and breaking the speed limit (40 per cent).

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Managing anxiety, stress and worry

Stress, anxiety, worry, difficulty sleeping are common concerns among the population. Amanda Walsh at Northwest Therapy and Hypnosis takes an evidenced-based approach, combining the two most powerful and effective psychological therapies, namely cognitive behavioural therapy and clinical hypnotherapy.

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How often have you heard it said you are what you repeatedly do? No where is this more true than in business where non productive habits and behaviour patterns can significantly impact upon business performance.


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