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Wholesome Hungry Bear encourages switching off

Stripped back to quirky chalkboard style menus and an eclectic mix of wooden tables and comfortable round booths, the Hungry Bear, Galway’s rustic and simplistic style has gone back to basics and encourages a Zen-like atmosphere for young and old to experience.

The Last Chieftain-telling the story of O’Sullivan Beara

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One of the most remarkable figures from Irish history is brought compellingly to life in a one-man show by Aidan Dooley which is coming shortly to the Town Hall. The Last Chieftain - O’Sullivan Beara conjures up the epic struggles of one of Ireland’s most celebrated leaders.

Attempts made in 1847 to establish fishing industry in the west

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The tragedy of the Great Famine was compounded by the fact that our seas were full of fish, yet the lack of a sustainable fishing industry, and a general dislike of fish among the peasantry, left untouched this abundant food source. As the appalling statistics of hunger, riots, death, fever and evictions began to penetrate the British government, some action was at last taken*. Unsuitable as it was for Irish palates, vast quantities of American maize was imported, and distributed. Public relief schemes, such as canal-building and new roads were introduced to provide some employment, and efforts were made to establish a fishing industry.


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