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Top Ten Movies of 2010

Shutter Island

Christmas DVD Review - Disney’s A Christmas Carol

If you need a good Christmassy DVD to get you in the festive mood this year, check out Disney’s A Christmas Carol.

From the people who brought you the present, it’s The Future

“Well your honour, the defendant was just making his way into the city centre, having disembarked from the Queen of the Seas luxury cruise liner, when he was set upon by the homeless man who proceeded to beat him about the head with his iPad. He then walked past the President Higgins Memorial Theatre, crossed the Conneely pedestrian footbridge over the Corrib, past the former courthouse which is now the virtual artspace, and was enjoying his quadruple shot mocha mocha latte when the attack occurred. The homeless man, obviously addicted to connectivity, came up to him and asked him if he had any spare USBs”

Saw Docs test drive new album

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One of the best hoaxes online in recent weeks was the story that July 6, 2010 was the date in the future that Marty McFly flew to in Back To The Future, leaving the eighties behind. In reality the date in the movie was 2015, but if the 2010 date had been true, then McFly would have returned to the eighties, saying "I have seen the future, folks and yes, the Saw Doctors are still in it."

Oranmore to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with seven day festival

St Patrick’s Day is not so much a day anymore as a festival celebrated over a series of days and Oranmore is no exception, as the town is set to make the national day into a week long festival.

Come Back to the Future with Athlone Film Club.

As part of the Discover Athlone Day, rediscover the magic and adventure of the epic 1985 film, Back to the Future on the big screen for free!


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