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Leading experts warn of tinnitus link to exacerbating Covid-19 symptoms

Tinnitus can be made worse by Covid-19 according to a study by Anglia Ruskin University, which also revealed that 40 per cent of people with tinnitus who developed coronavirus symptoms experienced a worsening of their tinnitus.

Audiology testing facility for new Tuam primary care centre

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An audiology service, including a specialist audiology testing facility, is being designed for inclusion within the Tuam Primary Care Centre.

Are your homely surroundings causing damage to your hearing?

Almost one in 10 people have noticed a change in their hearing since the first lockdown and as more time is being spent at home, research by Specsavers shows that many of us are still unaware that certain everyday household appliances or gardening equipment can cause permanent damage.

Specsavers Audiologists helping to tackle loneliness this Christmas

Almost two thirds (64 percent) of people actively avoid social situations because they struggle to hear, research by Specsavers Audiologists Ireland reveals.

Hidden Hearing gives gift of hearing to those in need

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For many, 2020 quickly turned into living life in a bubble, missing family and friends, and relying on the goodwill of others to provide support, care, and company.

Specsavers Audiologists launch hearing clinic in Belmullet to encourage locals to prioritise their hearing health

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Specsavers Audiologists are encouraging the Belmullet community to visit a newly-opened hearing clinic for expert advice and to address any deterioration during lockdown.

Lost in translation: the struggle to hear in noisy environments

While the clatter, hubbub and din at any restaurant or family gathering can challenge even the best of hearing, for some it can be a real struggle to hear speech or follow a conversation in a noisy environment.

‘Time for our higher politicians to start making noise’ on ring road says Larkin

Galway TDs and senators must crank up the pressure on the Government for the Galway ring road oral hearing, according to a Galway city councillor. Independent councillor Noel Larkin said everyone in favour of the ring road including interested groups, businesses, and organisations, as well as politicians, must come out in force to support the proposal.

‘Ireland Unaware of Consequences of Untreated Hearing Loss’

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World Hearing Day, held on 3 March each year, aims to promote ear and hearing health and to raise awareness of how to prevent hearing loss.

Ireland’s poor health record as world hearing day approaches

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World Hearing Day, held on March 3 each year, promotes ear and hearing health, and raises awareness of how to prevent hearing loss.


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