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Christmas at McDonogh Home Garden and DIY — 190 years on

Every year since 1825, McDonogh’s of Galway have been delighted to help Galway people celebrate Christmas by providing a range of decorations, trees, lighting and accessories to help brighten any home or business. This year is no different and McDonoghs have extended their tree and lighting display into their Garden Centre so prospective customers can view their favourite tree and lighting before choosing from their extensive range.

Light up UHG’s Christmas tree and remember a loved one

A unique way of remembering a loved one who has emigrated or passed away was launched at University Hospital Galway earlier this week.

Take care at Christmas advises council

Most of us increase the chance of fire occurring in our homes by introducing items such as paper decorations, Christmas trees, temporary lighting, and large amounts of wrapping paper and boxes. These few simple precautions can dramatically reduce the risk of fire, particularly during the Christmas period.

Deck the halls with Woodie’s

Christmas decorations provide the perfect opportunity to add a bit of colour and fun to the home. Woodie’s DIY has a huge range of Christmas decorations in stock.

The Luther Christmas tree

I always thought that the Christmas tree, which gives a special pleasure in any home, was a Victorian thing, introduced by Prince Albert in the early 19th century. But reading Niall Mac Coitir’s fascinating book Irish Trees - Myths, Legends and Folklore* I learned that legend has it that the idea of the Christmas fir tree first came to Martin Luther. After walking one Christmas Eve under a clear winter sky lit by 1,000 stars, he set up for his children a tree with countless candles as an image of the starry heaven whence Christ came. However, the first known record of a modern Christmas tree comes from Strasbourg in 1605 when fir trees were set up and decorated.

Christmas Tree of Remembrance

For the second year running The Rotary Club of Castlebar is running the unique Christmas remembrance tree project.


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